How to use and care for microfibre cleaning tools?

21. December 2022

Keeping your home and workplace clean is very important. The focus is often on cleaning itself, but not enough attention is paid to the cleaning tools. Even if you work hard while cleaning, the surfaces can still remain dirty and smudged.

SOL uses and recommends using mostly microfibre products for cleaning. However, it is necessary to know how to use them on different surfaces and how to properly care for microfibre products in order to maximize their service life.

We have made a short and easy guide on how to use a microfibre cleaning cloth more efficiently and how to care for microfibre products. Read it carefully before you start cleaning and your workplace or home will be cleaner than ever.


  1. By properly folding a microfibre cloth, you can get up to 16 clean work surfaces.
  2. A microfibre cloth folded to the size of your palm is easy and convenient to clean with.
  3. A microfibre cloth cleans well even without water.
  4. By using a microfibre cloth dry or slightly damp, you will get the maximum result for your work.
  5. To remove stubborn dirt such as stains, dampen a microfibre cloth with water or a mildly alkaline detergent. After that, wipe down the surface.
  6. The guaranteed service life of Vikan microfibre products with proper care is up to 500 machine washes.


  1. Before use, wash microfibre products in the washing machine to remove manufacturing residues from the textile.
  2. Clean microfibre products of loose dirt before washing in the washing machine.
  3. By using a washing powder that does not contain chlorine, bleach, zeolites or rinse aid, you will protect your microfibre products from harmful components. Washing gel for colored clothes is also suitable for washing microfibre products.
  4. After use, wash microfibre products in the washing machine. When washing at 60-90ºC, the microfibre nodules open and the dirt gets washed away.
  5. When drying microfibre products, use the spin programme of your washing machine.
  6. Do not wash microfibre products with cotton or other material products. If washing separately is not possible, separate microfibre products from other materials by using a tight laundry bag when washing in the washing machine.


  1. Do not wrinkle the microfibre cloth in your hand, because then the size of the surface it can clean will decrease.
  2. When cleaning with a microfibre cloth, do not use strong detergents (pH ranges 0-5, 10-14), because the detergents break down the microfibres and the cleaning ability and service life of the towel will be significantly reduced.
  3. Do not get the microfibre towel completely wet, as this will reduce its ability to bind dirt.
  4. Do not iron the cloth.

By using microfibre products according to the instructions, you will have a good and reliable helper for cleaning. Take care of it and it will serve you for a long time. Improper use will reduce the properties of the microfibre cloth.


Using microfiber cloth is easy - instruction by SOL Baltics