Modern cleaning equipment allows you to wash windows without using cleaning agents

19. April 2024

Spring has sprung, which means it’s window-washing time! But how can you make window-washing both easy and environmentally friendly? You should start by choosing a day with good weather.

Window-washing is easier if you use professional equipment.

A cloudy, sunless day is your best option for washing your windows. In sunny weather, windows dry quickly and any remnants of dirt or washing agent will stick to them.

Window-washing is easier if you use professional equipment, such as:

  • a microfiber window cleaner, one side with a scrubber to get rid of stubborn dirt;
  • a squeegee to remove the water; and
  • a microfiber cloth to clean the window frames and dry the rubber strip on the squeegee.

Modern cleaning equipment allows you to wash windows using only water and no cleaning agents, which need only be used if the window is very dirty. In this case, glass cleaners and neutral cleaning agents should be used. It is important that the cleaning agent solution remains clean. You won’t get windows clean with a dirty cleaning agent solution, after all.

To make sure the solution stays clean:

  • avoid rinsing your microfibre cloths in the cleaning solution; and
  • dip only 1/3 of the microfiber window cleaner in the cleaning solution.

Using the same clean solution for a longer period helps save time, cleaning agents and water. Windows are washed from the outside in, to see the dirt better. You should start from the frames to avoid extra work. How clean a window ends up will be decided by how well you dry it.

Here’s what to keep in mind when drying a window:

  • Start from the edges of the window, right next to the frame;
  • Move the squeegee smoothly over the window without lifting it off;
  • Dry the rubber on the squeegee while you work so that the water doesn’t drip back onto the glass;
  • Dry the edges of the window frame with a microfiber cloth and make sure the glass is free of streaks.

Good luck and work smart!