SOL customer story: SOL maintains cleanliness at the Audentes Education and Sports Centre around-the-clock

28. March 2024

The Audentes Education and Sports Centre keeps its doors open from early in the morning until late at night, always ready to welcome sports enthusiasts and eager students. When entering the Audentes building, you are greeted by wide smiles and clean surfaces. But the latter hasn’t been achieved on its own – it has been the result of the SOL team working closely with Audentes for the last seven years.

SOL maintains cleanliness on almost 11,200 square metres of Audentes school buildings and its sports centre. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

Audentes is a special client, with its 11,200-square-metre complex housing a private school, a children’s school, a sports gymnasium, an International School, a leisure centre, a dormitory, a sports centre with halls for ballgames and athletics and a sports club with a swimming pool.

The Audentes Sports Centre swimming pool can only be cleaned at night. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

While the school premises are mainly used during the week, the sports centre and the sports club are used on a daily basis. Therefore, there is an almost around-the-clock need for maintenance services. The 14 SOL employees of the building work in shifts and can be seen diligently cleaning in the morning, afternoon and at night. Nightly cleaning is mainly carried out in the swimming pool and also in the changing and shower rooms of the sports club, where daytime cleaning is not always possible due to occupancy. At night, the cleaning staff can focus on maintaining cleanliness efficiently and thoroughly.

The changing rooms are also maintained during the day, but it can be done more efficiently and thoroughly after visiting hours. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

Avo, Chief Financial Officer of Audentes, has played an important role in this cooperation. His experience goes back 27 years, focusing on economic issues in the context of schools and dormitories. Margus, the other Administrative Manager on the sports centre side, substitutes for Avo in the school if necessary and vice versa. This year he is already celebrating two years in his position. Together they form an effective team and are key partners in SOL’s communication with Audentes.

During competitions and special events, SOL also helps with maintaining exceptional cleanliness. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

The cooperation between Audentes and SOL doesn’t only involve routine cleaning or solving challenges but also prevention and flexibility. Margus points out that when there is a need for specialised cleaning works or maintaining cleanliness at competitions and events that do not fit into the normal work schedule, SOL is always ready to help out. “Help is just a phone call away,” he says.

In addition to regular interior cleaning, SOL also offers customers specialised cleaning works as needed: for example, deep washing and polishing of floors, extensive cleaning of sanitary rooms and window washing. While the outdoor area is kept tidy by the staff of Audentes, SOL has been helping with the upkeep by providing wet brushing and marking of parking lots.

The sports centre and the sports club welcome visitors with clean surfaces. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

For a while, Audentes had its own cleaning staff, but Avo says SOL’s biggest advantage is its ability to find replacements quickly and easily. “When we had to do it ourselves, it was quite a headache,” he admits. Margus and Avo point out the differences during summer holidays and the intensity of use of some spaces, which SOL has been able to effectively address. During the summer, schools are closed for almost two months and the sports club is also less visited.

SOL’s Welfare Manager, Regina, emphasises the reasonableness and supportive attitude of the client, which allows the team to do its job well. “We have cleaners who have been working on the site for more than five years,” she says. “That shows the amount of trust the employees have in both our company and the site.”

In the summer, schools are on holiday for almost two months, which means SOL staff are also either on holiday or working elsewhere. Photo: Andres Raudjalg

Avo also appreciates SOL’s technological innovations, such as battery-powered vacuum cleaners, which make the cleaners’ work easier and more efficient. He is also pleased with the communication with SOL’s team, emphasising their quick responses and readiness to help.

When asked if there was anything they would like to add, the answer was clear: praise and feedback are always given immediately and directly. The strong partnership with SOL is based on open communication and mutual trust and has allowed the Audentes Education and Sports Centre to enjoy a clean and professional environment that meets their high standards.

For a good overview of the Audentes premises, you can take the virtual tour