SOL participated as a major supporter at HR Expo with a record number of attendees

10. October 2023

This year, we engaged a team of 26 people, including the entire Baltic HR team and leadership. The event’s attractiveness for us was the opportunity to participate in both Estonian and English, allowing the inclusion of HR team members from Latvia and Lithuania. Emphasizing the significance of people in our leadership philosophy, we decided to support HR Expo, believing such events are crucial for advancing leadership quality.

SOL People in HR Expo, 2023

Additionally, at HR Expo, we conducted two workshops on topics outside the typical HR domain. Workshops focused on cleaning, providing practical tips for both enthusiasts and those less fond of the activity. We see a connection to HR as the HR team often oversees the creation of a clean working environment and employee well-being. Participant feedback was positive, affirming the workshops’ relevance.

Beyond the workshops, SOL highlighted the importance of marking and lining different surfaces for creating a safer work environment at the Expo.

The entire management team from SOL Baltics was present, underscoring the commitment to being where their employees are. Rinel Pius, CEO of SOL Baltics, emphasized that leadership participation in HR events is essential for gaining new ideas and insights while staying close to the company’s most valuable asset – its people.