A properly working ventilation system ensures an efficient working environment

Did you know that SOL maintains the most important buildings in Estonia – the Estonian National Museum and the Estonian National Archive – where the preservation of the ventilation, temperature and humidity is of the utmost importance?

All ventilation systems are different, and SOL can offer the most suitable solution for each customer.

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Rainer PestiRagn-Sells ASMarketing and Communications Manager

Ragn-Sells shares the same values with SOL. This means that the customer always comes first - the wish to provide a good level of customer service and create the best user experience in the field.

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Tarvi HirvMøller Auto Tallinn OÜJuhatuse liige

By now, we have used SOL’s services for over three years, and I can truly say without any regret that this replacement has justified itself.

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Viimsi KeskusHead of Administration

SOL Baltics OÜ provides different maintenance services at our centre, incl. regular technical maintenance. We are satisfied with the capacity and quality of the services.

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The maintenance of ventilation systems includes the following activities:

Ventilation systems include various ventilation equipment and air channels

  • Inspecting the state of filters and heat exchanger manometers, adding pigment if necessary
  • Determining the soiling level of filters and replacing the filters if necessary
  • Inspecting the state of heat exchangers
  • Cleaning the equipment on inside and outside
  • Inspecting the air tightness of ventilation piping in the ventilation room and cleaning it if necessary
  • Inspecting the tensioning of belts, tensioning them if necessary
  • Inspecting the bearings and shock absorbers, replacing them if necessary
  • Inspecting the hawing and cooling calorifiers, cleaning them if necessary
  • Inspecting the condensate drainage
  • Configuring the ventilation equipment and inspecting their working hours if necessary
  • Maintenance of humidifier equipment
  • Maintenance of roof ventilators
  • Inspecting the cleanliness of the ventilation system and presenting visual proof (photographs) with the report
  • Cleaning the ventilation piping
  • Inspecting the fire barrier valves
  • Keeping a maintenance journal and suggesting repairs if necessary

Maintenance of cooling systems

  • Inspecting the equipment visually and inspecting the state of protective devices
  • Inspecting the automation
  • Inspecting the refrigerant and adding refrigerant if necessary
  • Inspecting and tidying the cooling piping’s insulation
  • Maintaining the filters, cleaning the vaporiser’s heat exchanger
  • Inspecting the state of ventilators
  • Inspecting electrical connections
  • Inspecting the compressor’s oil level
  • Inspecting the compressor’s vibration dampeners
  • Inspecting the condensate removal and cleaning the piping if necessary
  • Inspecting the operation of condensate pump
  • Inspecting and maintaining fan-coils
  • Keeping accounts and forwarding data for the FOKA register if necessary

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