Internal cleaning at least 2 times a week ensures cleanliness

Internal cleaning is usually performed outside the customer’s working hours, during early morning or evening hours.

To ensure quality, the service is provided at a minimum twice a week. The need for cleaning depends on the intensity of the use of surfaces and the specifics of the customer, which is why cleaning can also take place 24/7.

SOL Baltics also offers a day cleaning service for keeping the building clean the entire day. The task of a daytime worker is to collect dropped garbage, remove garbage, keep the dirt mat clean, wash some single glass wall or window, add hygiene accessories, pick up coffee cups or wash the dishes in the kitchen corner.

Who is using our services?

What do they think of the solution?

Ly KärnerApollo Kino OÜManager of Apollo Cinema Pärnu

I can always get in touch with the SOL foreman, and when something has needed to be taken care of quickly, the reaction has been immediate.

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Peep PobbulRimi Eesti Food ASTechnical Manager

We are a large retailing chain and we need a quick, precise and correctly functioning service, which would ensure the presentability of our stores and the hygienic cleanliness of our kitchens.

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Vytautas AleksiejenkoJSC Bauwerk BoenFacility Maintenance Manager

The Lithuanian branch of SOL Baltic cleans the head office and the floors of our manufacturing building in our company. In addition, SOL also took over the cleaning of our household products’ warehouse in April.

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Edvin SikkDS Smith Packaging DivisionPurchasing Manager

Our SOL contact person is very active and positively minded. Each problem is quickly and satisfyingly resolved.

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Heiki KuusmannRademar OÜHead of Administration

We like that SOL constantly asks for feedback on the services being offered by them, and in case of deficiencies, our feedback is taken seriously and quickly implemented.

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Elina LViking Line AbpManager of Cleaning Works

We have co-operated with SOL for over 15 years, and we have only good things to say about them.

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Main activities in interior cleaning

  • Clearing and cleaning of ashtrays and waste bins (carrying out the garbage to waste containers, change of garbage bags)
  • Stain removal from the door, mirrors and glass surfaces (max. Height – 1.80 m.)
  • Handrail cleaning
  • Cleaning of free table surfaces and free windowsills
  • Cleaning of the outside of the office equipment (except cleaning of computer screens, processors and keyboards)
  • Cleaning of floor surfaces and mopboards
  • Cleaning of free furniture top surfaces
  • Cleaning of heating apparatus and electrical switches
  • Cleaning of the outside of the kitchen equipment (fridge, microwave oven etc.), cleaning of walls and tiles, cleaning of sinks and water taps, supplement of hand towels and soft soap, according to the CLIENT’S materials
  • Cleaning of sinks, toilet facilities, mirrors, shelves and sanitary equipment and stain removal, cleaning of walls and tiles with disinfectant
  • Door mat cleaning/change

If requested, SOL Baltics, in cooperation with the customer, carries out quality control in accordance with the INSTA800 standard, after having agreed upon the principles and solutions for the results-based cleaning. The prerequisite for results-based harvesting is the weekly training of new and already existing cleaning staff provided by in-house trainers with professional qualifications in the field of cleaning. If necessary, the INSTA 800 specialist (certified level 3 and 4) also trains the cleaning staff.

The INSTA 800 expert group certified by Det Norske Veritas, whose members have the right to conduct in-house training, create quality profiles for the customer and perform INSTA quality checks, is working at SOL,

When constructing a new building or renovating an old building, it is useful to plan, in cooperation with the cleaning company, the waste management, the arrangement, the size and the interior of the cleaning premises.  The modern cleaning methodology also includes the possibility of installing washing machines for mops, a water point and the presence of a drainage trap.

Using up-front planning and innovative solutions, it’s possible to save about 25% of cleaning costs.

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