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Dirt mats catch dirt right at its source

Nearly 70% of dirt, moisture, and dust are brought to the building with shoes. By placing the dirt mats in the building in the right places, the customer has the opportunity to keep clean and save the cleaning costs throughout the building.

The best places for the installation of dirt mats are entrances, fronts of staircases and washrooms, elevators, areas between manufacturing and office areas. In addition to the usual dirt mat exchange service, it is possible to create design rugs with special shapes and patterns or use ergonomic rubber mats.

SOL Baltics can help your client by choosing the dirt mats:

  • needs assessment (size, color, shape, pattern, etc.)
  • placement planning
  • organizing the exchange
  • quality control

The exchange rugs offered by SOL have a full rubber substrate that ensures that the rug stays put on the floor and is safe. The carpet exchange frequencies depend on the season and the possibility of changing the schedule is flexible.SOL is the largest partner in Lindström exchange mats in the Baltics, which ensures for the customer prices equal with the manufacturer.

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What makes it comfortable is that we receive the complete package (cleaning service, accessories, carpets, etc.) from a single provider.

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